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They say big things come in small packages... in this case, it's all ego. Elizabeth Bentley is an up and coming porn star and we're glad she decided to stop by our studio. We're sure a lot of her fans are going to be angry that she did this type of shoot, but we don't care. They're all a bunch of Captain Saveaho's anyway! Anyway... here's what's up. Elizabeth had a rough childhood. She goes into it on video. It's kinda sad, but oh well... get over it. You're a big girl now making big girl movies. We help her relive her past with some hard slaps to her face. We also had her experience a couple of other firsts... like being spit on while fucked. In my opinion, this shoot was cathartic for her. She's a mental mess, but we helped her work it out. Look at the absolute mess she's become as she takes one dick in her mouth and another in her tight pussy. She wasn't used to getting fucked so hard and so fast-- most aren't. They usually have a cuck at home who can't serve up hard cock that remains hard. Look into eyes as you stroke your cock. Trust me. As silly as that may sound, give it try. Look deep into the window of her soul and you will see emptiness. The only thing she is filled with is cum and cock. Go facial abuse!

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The Facial Abuse Elizabeth Bentley Video
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